Thursday, July 19, 2012

The New Powell Sonaré Piccolo

You've probably heard some buzz going on about a new piccolo from Powell.  Just what exactly is different about this, and when will it be available?  Well, there are several unique features, and we will be debuting this piccolo next month at the 2012 NFA Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.  If you are attending, make sure to stop by the Powell booth (#317) and see us! 

The new Powell Sonaré piccolo was designed with elegance and durability in mind.  The body is made from an American hardwood that is available in three different color choices: American Amethyst, Indian Onyx, Tuscan Umber.  The photos below show the piccolo in "Indian Onyx" and were taken during a builder's workshop sponsored by NABIRT last April in Pennsylvania.  The keys are square as you can see, and they are made of stainless steel.  This feature is especially nice since stainless steel will not tarnish.  Although the keys are square, you'll also see from the photos that the tone holes and pads are still (traditionally) round.  The stainless steel keys are also available in "golden steel."  Golden Steel is comprised of a high tech ceramic coating over stainless steel.  The finish is durable and a golden yellow color which provides the appearance of yellow gold without the cost.  Additional specs on the piccolo include: 
  • A-442 pitch
  • Modern Powell scale
  • Pisoni Star Pads
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Classic style hand cut headjoint
You might be wondering, "Well, where exactly is this piccolo made?"  The answer is right here at the Powell shop in Maynard, MA!  Handmade just like all the Powell flutes and piccolos.  Hope you will have a chance to try it!  For more information, we have a terrific video on our website -- take a look at  A full article from MMR Magazine may be found at


  1. I can't wait to try one to see the difference

  2. Thank you! We hope you'll have a chance to try it soon. Let us know what you think when you do!

  3. Hi!!!
    I´m in love with this new piccolo!
    I live in Mexico, I alredy bought a powell handmade conservatory flute, I love it! and I´m looking forward to buy a piccolo! I just would like to see the three piccolos together, to see the diference of woods color. Hope you can upload a picture so we can choose the one!! THANK YOU!! and congratulations!!!

  4. I would love to have this in Tuscan Umber?


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