Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Bamboo Flute

Verne Q. Powell was a man of exquisite talent and ingenuity when it came to building flutes.  We've seen the craftsmanship of instruments he built from precious metals and wood, but there is one particular flute here at the Powell facility that is quite unique -- the bamboo flute. We recently found more information on this flute in our historical archives:

The "Bamboo Flute," Powell number 392,  is a Boehm Flute made in 1940 of a Bamboo walking stick that Mr. Willis J. Abbott brought to Mr. Powell on a trip back from China.  Mr. Powell then turned the walking stick in to a flute and gave it to his good friend William F. McKenzie. The flute is pitched in D and features engravings of monkeys along the back (see photo detail).  The top of the headjoint has a silver cap, which is engraved with the following:

“Friendship Flute
Made for
William F. McKenzie
From a Chinese Cane
The Gift of
Willis J. Abbott
Verne Q. Powell

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