Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Handmade custom flutes are available with a number of different material choices for the body, headjoint, and mechanism.  Powell offers several options for silver, various karats of gold, and a fusion of gold and silver known as Aurumite.  Are you familiar with Aurumite? Our webiste describes Aurumite as follows:

Aurumite® 14k - Aurumite® flutes are produced using a patented process that electronically fuses two tubes of gold and silver. The Aurumite body is .016” thick with an interior layer of 14k rose gold and an outer layer of sterling silver. This unique material combines the projection of silver with the warmth of gold. Aurumite was introduced by Powell in 1986 and then patented. Because we have been making flutes out of Aurumite for over 20 years, our experience working with this material is unrivaled in the industry.
In the photo on the above, we can see a handmade custom Aurumite 14k.  Notice the silver on the outside and the gold inside in the bore.  Another Powell model with an Aurumite body is the Handmade Conservatory, which features 9k gold on the outside and silver on the inside.  Have you worked with other flutes made from a fusion of metals?

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