Wednesday, June 27, 2012

After Market Customizations

Is it possible to customize your flute with some optional features after you've purchased it?  The answer would be a solid "maybe," depending on the flute.  Each flute must be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.  Here at Powell, there are some options that can be added after the flute has been purchased.  Regardless of whether you have an in-line or offset G, there are certain options that are available.  For a C# trill or split E, the flute would have to be analyzed by the repair tech to see if it would be possible to add these.

Enclosed D# Roller
There are a couple of options that are definitely possible, such as a G disc, which can always be added.  If you are interested in adding a B foot or C foot, that is available as well.  You can order a B or C foot, and it will be made in the shop.  You could even choose a different metal if you would prefer.  You would need to send your entire flute to the shop to have the new B or C foot fitted to the instrument.  Also, a D# roller could be added, although it would have to be an "enclosed" roller (as seen in the photo on the right).

Customizations can always be considered for Powell Signature, Conservatory, and Handmade Custom flutes.  Unfortunately, there are certain models that we are not able to customize after purchase, including Powell Sonaré models, the Powell 2100, and the Powell 3100.  Options are not available on the Powell Sonaré flutes because the mechanism is different from a Powell custom, and the keys are plated.  The 2100 and 3100 also have mechanisms and key shapes of a much different design than a traditional Powell model.  Powell aftermarket options are only available on Powell flutes and not on other brands, unfortunately.  If you are considering an after market customization, make sure to contact our repair technician to see what might be possible.  Our technician, Rachel Baker, can be reached at

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