Monday, December 17, 2012

What exactly does “Venti” mean? The evolution of a headjoint…

By Christina Cobas - Marketing Manager, Powell Flutes

Paul Edmund-Davies
Powell headjoints have always been an important factor in the sound of a Powell Flute.  The tradition of headjoint making at Powell has always attracted some of the most talented flutists and flute makers.  When Paul Edmund-Davies asked the headjoint makers at Powell to do something truly different, they did not shy away from his challenge.

“The Venti headjoint came about from my desire to express myself through the flute as vocally as possible. Having had a very English cathedral school upbringing from the age of seven it was the human voice not the flute, that was the strongest influence in my formative years. In many ways, the voice is the ultimate instrument of them all, with its abilities for contrast, dark and light, soft and loud, and endless dynamic possibilities. Perhaps though the evenness of sound through the entire range is something that the best singers can use in an utterly captivating way and it is this quality that I find often lacking in head joints on flutes. Many can be stunning, but only in one octave and then they lose depth. They can be pure or round, have massive volume or attack, but invariably lack a certain bloom through the three main octaves of the instrument. Not surprising really considering that we are ultimately dealing with something that is attached to machinery!

The Venti headjoint is definitely for those who wish to sing through the instrument. It certainly requires the performer to keep the air column alive, but the rewards are that it is even, has a very good dynamic range throughout and above all is captivatingly flexible. It enables the performer to truly explore expression and discover their individual voice.” says Paul Edmund-Davies.

Since its original conception in 2006, the Venti style has been slowly evolving as a result of the feedback of many flutists of many levels and detailed work with Paul.  Today, the Venti is truly a reflection of the epitome of modern headjoint making.

If you are interested in trying a Venti style headjoint, contact Rebecca Eckles at

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