Friday, January 11, 2013


Many Powell owners insure their instruments with specialty insurance policies for musical instruments or as part of their home owner's insurance.  It is certainly a good idea since you would want to protect these instruments in cases of damage or theft.  We dread even thinking about this, but we have had some owners whose flutes were stolen -- but insured.  In these cases, their insurance policy covered the value of the instruments so that a replacement could be purchased.

Insurance agencies will ask for an appraisal on your instrument(s), and you can do appraisals online through the Powell website!  It's quite helpful, especially since you can print your appraisal at the end.  So, how does it work?  Well there a few simple steps...

1) Go to the Powell website at

2) On the horizontal menu bar at the top (just under the logo at the top lefthand corner), select Q Club.

3) You will see the screen below.  If you are a registered member of the Q Club, you would sign in at this step.  If you are not registered, you can register at this screen.

4) In this next step, you will need to enter your serial number.  Click "Serial Number Search" on the left hand vertical menu of the page above.  You will see the following screen and should then enter your serial number:

5) Once you have entered your serial number, the specs will show on the next screen:

6) You will want to print or write the specs down so that you can enter them in this next step.  Click "Create an Appraisal for Your Flute, Piccolo, or Headjoint"  in the left hand vertical menu on this page.  You will see the screen below with choices in the left hand vertical column to appraise your flute, piccolo, or headjoint.  For a flute, you will then need to choose which model you have: Signature, Conservatory, Custom with Soldered Tone Holes, or Custom with Drawn Tone Holes.  Click the one category that applies, and a drop down menu will appear with more choices for types of metal.  We're using a Custom silver with drawn tone holes as an example.

7) Once you have selected the model and material, you will see a screen that shows the general value.  You will want to then choose "Customize" just under the value to add options.

8) Now you will be able to add the options you may have on your flute (C# trill, D# Roller, Split E, etc.) to calculate the full value.

9) Congratulations!  You have completed the appraisal.  You can print this or save it as a PDF to print later.  You can create as many appraisals as you'd like, and they will all be saved under your Q Club account.

That's all it takes!  It's simple, and you can do it yourself in the privacy of your own home.  Our Repair Technician mentioned that many people have appraisals done when they send their flutes here for repair.  That is an option as well and can be done as part of the process with no additional fee.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.  A full contact list is provided under "Contact Us" on the website!

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