Sunday, March 10, 2013

The 2100

The 2100 model flute has a very distinctive, modern look inspired by the turn of the millennium.  It was introduced in 1993, and production continued through 2003.  It was also the predecessor of the very popular silver Handmade Conservatory Model.  The 2100 was made of sterling silver, and the 3100 was an aurumite model.  Because these models were produced for a limited period of time, we usually see the 2100 and 3100 in for regular maintenance in our repair office.

The most distinctive feature of the 2100 is the shape of the key cups. The concept was very modern and futuristic, so they are quite distinctive. We've shared photos below to compare the 2100 with its successor, the silver Handmade Conservatory.  As far as the mechanism, they only other major mechanical difference between the two is that on the 2100, the feet of the key tails hit tabs on the ribs -- whereas the key tails on the Handmade Conservatory touch the body.  In general, the key arms, especially at the points where they wrap around the mechanism tubing, are "flatter" on the 2100 when compared with a more traditional, "double beveled" shape on the Handmade Conservatory.  Our repair technician, Rachel, said, "The 2100s may look a bit funny, but they play so well."  So, if you happen to see a very distinctive looking Powell with very different key cups and more angular stylistic elements, chances are it is the 2100!  

Key tail hits tab on rib.
Side view of key tail in contact with tab on rib.
On a Conservatory, the key tail touches the body.
Comparison of 2100 on the left and Conservatory on the right.
2100 has key shapes that are more square, flatter key arms, more angular style in general. 
Thumb key comparison.
Foot joint comparison. 
Close-up on key cups.
Even the rings on the barrel are different.

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  1. Thanks for the post, I've never got my hands on a 2100 or 3100 but have been waiting for the right offset g 2100 to come along. Owned many Brannens, a Nagahara and some real old Powells but no 2100/3100's. Actually the only real draw is the old classic aesthetics of which I'd have to disagree with you on the key design being new. That's a very old design from Europe as SML, Louis lot and others had that same convex pointed arm key design many moons before Powell. I've got a few of them in the shop. Same with the "boxed" designed foot joint; my reason for desiring one! Cheers, Rajiah.


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