Friday, February 21, 2014

Silver Headjoint

.016" silver headjoints (Aurumite 14K on far right)
We recently had an inquiry from a customer about silver flutes with .018" tubing thickness.  He asked why there is not an option of a silver .018" thickness headjoint to go with the flute.  He said, "Wouldn't it fit in a .018" body?"

The answer to the question involves barrel thickness and headjoint thickness.  For a .018" silver flute, the barrel is .016" thick.  Therefore, the headjoint is .016" to fit the barrel.  Also, Powell designs and tests headjoints to have the best possible sound qualities, resonance, and response.  Different thicknesses are tested, and when the .018" thick headjoint was tested, it was found to be too heavy -- it did not have the response and resonant properties that were optimal for a headjoint.  It is possible that some people could get a .018" thick headjoint to respond favorably, but for the majority of flute players, it is simply too dense and heavy.  So, there you have it!  The .018" thick silver Custom flutes have a .016" thick silver headjoint to fit the barrel and to produce the best possible sound.

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