Friday, July 11, 2014

Building the White Gold Flute - Part 5

This week, we follow the white gold flute into the Custom flute stringing department, where stringer John Colvin works on building the mechanism.  Building the complete mechanism takes quite a bit of time, but we had a chance to capture a bit of the key making process.  For each key, John must take the individual arm and the individual cup, prepare them for soldering, solder them, and then fit the finished key to the mechanism.  In the video below, you will see John preparing a French (open hole) cup and arm. 

After everything is prepped, it's ready to solder:

For the cups with pointed arms, we have a few photos below of the soldering process.  The actual arm and cup are separate (just as in the videos above), so they must be prepped and soldered as well.
Demonstrating how the arm fits onto the cup.
Using a fixture to hold the cup and arm in place for soldering.
Soldering the cup and arm.
Arm and cup are soldered.

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