Friday, February 6, 2015

Authorized Powell Dealers: Access and Service

By Steven A. Wasser
President, Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Inc.

Once upon a time you either had to come to Boston to try flutes or wait for the National Flute Association convention.  Times have changed.  There are numerous, regional flute shows throughout the year, and several flute specialty shops in the United States stock professional flutes.

Powell has its own demo inventory of about 20 instruments, and we offer a trial program for those flutists who live in areas where there is no authorized Powell dealer or where the flutist prefers to work directly with us.  Powell instruments are also available through a carefully selected dealer network, primarily consisting of flute specialty shops.  Our demo inventory is normally busy traveling to various flute shows around the world or is being sent out on trial, so having a dealer network creates access for you to a substantial pool of immediately available instruments. 

Although we ship trial instruments around the country, shipping takes time if we even have an instrument available to ship.  Those flutists located in areas where we have authorized dealers can benefit by having immediate access to qualified, local service.  To find your nearest Powell dealer please refer to the dealer locator on our web site:

If there is no authorized Powell dealer in your area, you may schedule a trial directly through Powell by completing our online trial request form:

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