Friday, August 21, 2015

KT Aurumite® 9k Signature Headjoint

By Hannah Liuzzo
Powell Sonaré Sales Associate
Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Inc.

Since the introduction of our new KT Aurumite® 9k Signature headjoint last month, we’ve had the pleasure of working with lots of flutists comparing the KT headjoint back to back with a standard sterling silver Signature headjoint. The first question we always seem to get after a flutist sees the new KT head is, “Is the gold on the outside just for looks, or does it actually change my sound?” The answer is…BOTH!

The 9K rose gold on the exterior of the KT headjoint offers qualities that are both visually and acoustically unique. Since gold is a denser metal than silver, the addition of gold to any component of a flute offers a warmer, darker tone quality.  Gold also has the tendency to offer more resistance, which is a highly desirable trait for very powerful players.  Flutists can put a great deal more air into the headjoint before the sound “cracks”.  And, on top of all of this, the KT Aurumite® 9k headjoint is BEAUTIFUL!


  1. What are the differences between Aurumite headjoint and the new KT arumite headjoint?

  2. The new KT Aurumite headjoint is a Signature style Aurumite 9k headjoint. Before the release of the KT headjoint, the Signature style was only available in sterling silver. Aurumite 9k was previously only available for Custom headjoints (Soloist, Philharmonic, and Venti).


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