Saturday, May 11, 2013

PS-750 Testimonials - Technicians

The Powell Sonaré PS-750 piccolo has made quite an impact in the piccolo world.  Its innovative design certainly distinguishes it from the traditional Powell Custom and Signature piccolos.  The stainless steel mechanism features square keys, yet the tone holes are still round.  How do the keys feel?  Well, we’ve taken the piccolo to shows, and many flutist/piccolo players have felt that the keys were quite comfortable.  Several male players in particular have been surprised by the comfort level of the keys for their hands – perhaps because there is more surface area with the square-shaped keys.

Another distinguishable feature of the piccolo is the wood.  The American hardwood used for the body is available in three different color stains – Indian Onyx, American Amethyst, and Tuscan Umber.  Regardless of the color, the piccolos perform equally from a mechanical standpoint – so the color is purely for aesthetics.  Speaking of the mechanics of the instrument, what do professional repair technicians think?  Well, we had the chance to gather some feedback, which we hope will be the first installment of “PS-750 Testimonials.”

The Sonaré Piccolo has gotten excellent reviews from our customers and teachers.  I have found it  very easy to play, and as a technician, I really like how well it set-up it arrived and how stable the mechanism is. 

Miles DeCastro 
Repair Shop Manager
Bridgepoint Music

The Powell Sonaré is very innovative and rather extraordinary with the key design and art deco feel.  From a technical standpoint, it seems to be very well made.  My customer was willing to wait 3-4 months for the piccolo

Tim Anzalone
Repair Technician
Music Center Deerfield

Powell Sonaré piccolos in production.
Close-up on the piccolos in production.

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