Thursday, October 10, 2013

The First Powell Players - Part I

Have you ever wondered who the first flutists to play Powell were?  In the 1928 brochure, Verne Q. Powell included photos and quotes from the first ten flutists to play Powell.  We could compare the flutists in this section of the brochure to modern day "endorsing artists" who might be featured on a company's website, in ads, or in other printed marketing materials.  We will share the first ten players in a two-part post, beginning with the first five (as copied from the 1928 brochure):

Verne Q. Powell
It is with great pride that I present, herewith, the first ten artists to recognize and adopt the new Powell Flute.  These gentlemen are representative of the finest type of flutists in America.  Retaining Flute Number 1 for my own use, the following testimonials are presented in the order in which the flutes were made.
---Verne Q. Powell
John MacKnight
Flute soloist, formerly first flutist with People's Symphony Orchestra of Boston, and with the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra
I wish to say that the flute you made for me has proved more than satisfactory in every way.  Its perfection of scale, its response to delicate attack, and its brilliancy have been a great joy to me.  
I wish you all the success you deserve.
--- John MacKnight

Charles Boyden
Boston, Massachusetts
As the happy possessor of your flute No. 3, I feel that I must write you a line of appreciation.
I consider, in workmanship, material and tone quality, that my flute is the best I have had the pleasure of seeing, and I feel that many years from now I shall be equally proud of it.  Good luck to you!
---Charles Boyden

John R. Wummer
Solo flutist, Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Detroit, Michigan
After thorough trial I am convinced that for quality of tone and workmanship your flute is superior to any being made today.
---John R. Wummer

Arthur Lora
Formerly solo flutist, New York State Symphony of New York; member of several chamber music organizations; teacher of flute at the Institute of Musical Art of the Juilliard School of Music, New York City
Enclosed is my check in payment for your Flute No. 5 received last Tuesday.  It is unquestionably the finest instrument I have ever played on.  The scale is excellent and the tone quality beautiful, with plenty of volume behind it.
With best of good wishes,
--- Arthur Lora

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