Friday, October 18, 2013

The First Powell Players - Part II

Continuing from last week's post on the first Powell players, we have numbers 6 -10 here.  These are the last of the group of "first players" who were included in the 1928 Powell brochure.  The artists' order in the brochure matches the serial number of the flute they owned. 

William F. Siebold 
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
I take this means to express my gratitude and sincerest thanks for the splendid flute you made for me.  I can fully appreciate the time and workmanship spent in making such an instrument, and can thoroughly agree with the well-known artist, my kind friend and teacher, Mr. William Kincaid, that the Powell flutes are the most even in scale, with a large and flexible tone.  I take pleasure in advising all flute players to use one of your instruments.
---William F. Siebold
William Kincaid
Solo flutist, Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, Professor of Flute, Curtis Institute
Permit me to express my sincere admiration and high esteem for your noteworthy achievement in making it possible for flutists of today to have and to play upon an instrument which is without doubt in my mind one of the finest to be had.  I wish you great success.
---William Kincaid
William Heinrich
Formerly with His Grace, the Duke of Devonshire's private Symphony, England; Berlin Philharmonic; principal flutists, Columbia Phonograph Company, and other famous organizations
What a happy mortal I am for being the professor of No.8 Verne Q. Powell's hand-made French model flute, because this instrument is, without any doubt, superior to any that it has been my fortune to play upon.  Wishing you every success.
---William Henirich
Frank Jeanaski
Madison Theatre, Detroit, Michigan
I have received your hand-made open G# French model flute.  I wish to congratulate you upon your capability in making such a fine instrument.  It is really the best I have ever used, and has everything a flutist would or could desire.
I owe many thanks to you for making me such a fine instrument.
---Frank Jeanaski
Joseph Jean Gilbert
Flute soloist, teacher, conductor, composer
Los Angeles, California
I  have given your No. 10 flute a most exacting test -- more exacting than you suppose.  As a recitalist, soloist, and assisting artist on a number of pretentious concert appearances out here, it has far surpassed any other flute that I have had.  In intonation, tonal characteristics, in all dynamics, it is superb, and oh joy! You can get behind it when necessary.
All in all, it is a wonderful instrument.  I can recommend it seriously to all artists.  May I, as a flutist and as a friend, wish you unreserved success?
--- Joseph Jean Gilbert

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