Thursday, January 30, 2014

75th Anniversary Flute

When we stopped in to the repair office this week, our technician had one of the 75th Anniversary flutes in for a COA -- so we thought it would be a good opportunity to share more information on these flutes.  Powell Flutes celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2002, and in honor of the landmark, offered limited edition "75th Anniversary" Custom flutes.  There were a total of 25 anniversary flutes made.

For this special edition, customers had the option of sterling silver, Aurumite 14k, 14k gold, or platinum bodies. Mechanism materials and other options were consistent with today's Custom flutes, which you can see by clicking here to view our online spec chart.

The 75th Anniversary flutes did have several special features including gems, special engraving, and anniversary ring designs.  Silver flutes came with a ruby inset in the upper barrel ring and crown.  Aurumite, gold, and platinum flutes had a diamond inset in the upper barrel ring and crown.  All flutes had the 75th anniversary logo engraved on the barrel and the 1930s style flat anniversary rings.  An additional feature that was optional on 75th Anniversary flutes was a special lip-plate engraving, described as "Anniversary style lip plate engraving, a brilliant realization of a 1930's Verne Q. Powell original."  Each flute also came with its own Certificate of Authenticity, which listed the flute's complete specs and was signed by Powell President, Steven Wasser.  The anniversary flute we spotted in the shop was silver, as you will see in the photos below (along with an example of the lip plate engraving).

75th Anniversary lip plate engraving
75h Anniversary silver barrel with ruby inset, Anniversary logo, and 1930's style flat rings
75th Anniversary silver crown with ruby inset
Closer view of the crown
Side view of the crown (which also had the 1930's style ring)

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