Friday, April 19, 2013

10th Anniversary of the 19.5K

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the 19.5K Rose Gold Handmade Custom Flute, which was introduced to the public in a very special event at the Harvard Club in Boston on June 7, 2003.  The special black-tie event at the Barlett Room of the Harvard Club featured French Music performed on the new 19.5K flute by Powell Artist Paul Edmund-Davies.  When it was introduced, the 19.5K Custom was available with a 19.5K body and 14K mechanism or a 19.5K body and silver mechanism.  The model with the 14K mechanism was priced at $29,800, and the model with the silver mechanism was priced at $20,100.  In its first year on the market, the 19.5K came in a handmade French-style Moroccan leather case and special accessories designed by Wirkkala designs, including a hand-carved wooden swabstick, a flute mat, flute cover, and a Cross pencil.  The flute and accessories were all presented in a velvet drawstring pouch.

Powell was the first flute maker to offer the 19.5K gold, and Powell's President, Steven Wasser, felt the new gold option offered "many of the characteristics of a platinum flute while maintaining the warmth and subtle colors of gold."  The 19.5K joined a list of metal options for Powell Handmade Custom flutes, which in 2003 included silver, 10K gold, 14K Aurumite, 14K gold, and platinum.  Introduced with two metal options for the mechanism in 2003, today's 19.5K is available with a sterling silver, 10K yellow gold, or 14K rose gold mechanism.  As the price of precious metals has increased since 2003, the price of a 19.5K today would be quite different than it was in 2003.  You'll want to check with your local Powell dealer for exact pricing, although today's prices for the 19.5K would range from around $39K to $59K, depending on options.  If you're in the market for something of 19.5K gold but aren't quite in the position to get a flute, Powell does offer (as with all their metal options for bodies) the headjoint only.  If you've never tried a 19.5K Powell, you should!  Check it out -- it may be the perfect flute for you...

*Note - Quote and event details from article in MMR Magazine, August 2003

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