Friday, April 12, 2013

The Powell "Bible"

Hard Copy Volumes of the "Powell Bible"
One of the most popular features on the Powell Flutes website is the online version of the "Powell Bible."  You can find it at  All you have to do is enter a serial number, and you will find specs on the instrument -- including options and the year it was made.  This part of our website is quite handy for a number of reasons, especially as a starting point for the appraisal process (which you can also do on the website at  Whether you are looking to purchase a new flute, searching for more information on an older Powell, or just curious, the Powell online Bible is a terrific resource.

The original "Powell Bible" exists in several volumes at the Powell office.  In 2007, the hard copy files were converted to an electronic file, which now serves as the foundation for the searchable database on the Powell website.  Unfortunately, there were large portions of missing information in the hard copies, so if you come across information in the online Bible that you believe is incorrect, please do let us know.  You can contact our Marketing Manager, Christina Guiliano-Cobas, at

Also, it is important to register your Powell on our website, because this is how we keep our records updated.  It is never to late to register your flute!  Whether you have a brand new Powell, an older model that you bought from another person or dealer, or if you've simply not had a chance to register your flute over the years, please feel free to do so.  Regardless of its age, your flute can be registered with Powell by visiting  Once you register your Powell, you will become a member of the Powell "Q Club" which offers benefits and special offers to its members (like free shipping for items in the VQP Shop).  Take a look -- and if you have or are going to register your flute, take pride in the fact that you will be helping create Powell history!

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