Friday, August 16, 2013

Curved Alto Headjoint

Looking back on our visit to the NFA Convnetion this year, we realized that many people didn't know we make a curved alto headjoint.  We make both a curved and a straight headjoint for both of our Powell Sonaré alto models: the AF-60 and the AF-70.  The AF-60 has a silver plated nickel-silver body, and the AF-70 has a sterling silver body.  Both of our headjoints (straight and curved) are sterling silver and fit on either model alto flute.

So, what are some of the differences with the curved headjoint?  Well, since the headjoint is curved, it shortens the length of the flute, making it easier to reach.  Some people think the curved headjoint has a different sound from the straight one, but the curved headjoint may sound different mostly because it is closer to you -- so it changes the way you hear yourself.  Obviously, the air flows through a curved headjoint differently than it does with the straight one because the air flow follows the shape of the tube.  With the curved headjoint, the air flows around the inner curve.  However, there is really not much difference in the amount of air you would use for the two headjoints.  Choosing a curved or straight headjoint is simply a matter of the player's preference.  Some people find that the curved headjoint is more comfortable because there is less of a stretch for their arms overall with the shortened length of the flute.

The Powell Sonaré alto flute models are available with a straight headjoint, curved headjoint, or both.  We do make double cases so that you can easily fit both headjoints in the case with the flute.  If you purchase a curved headjoint only, the flute will come (automatically) with the double case.  (Powell does not offer a single case for the curved headjoint option).  As with all Powell Sonaré models, the alto is available through authorized Powell Sonaré dealers.  For more information, visit the Powell Sonaré section of the Powell website at

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