Friday, August 15, 2014

Winged Headjoints

14k rose gold headjoint with 14k rose gold wings

At this year's NFA Convention, one of our newest products, our winged headjoints, piqued the curiosity of many flutists.  They all wanted to know, "What are the wings for?"  Luckily, flute finisher Lindsey McChord, who also cuts headjoints here at Powell, was at the Powell booth and could certainly answer the question.  Once she was back in the shop, we spoke with her so that those of you who may not have attended could learn more about these headjoints as well!

Lindsey explained that the wings are supposed to channel the air -- because a bit of air is normally lost on the sides of your mouth as you play.  With the winged headjoint, you are not losing the air on the sides, so the result (from the channeled airstream) is a more focused, cleaner sound.  Also, Lindsey mentioned that the wings may help enhance the characteristic sound qualities that are distinct for each headjoint style.  She shared, "For some people, the wings enhance what they like about that particular style even more than if it did not have wings," adding "wings can add a whole new dimension to the headjoint style."

At Powell, the wings are brazed on to the lip plate during the full process of making the headjoint, so wings cannot be a added to a headjoint that was made without them.  So, if you currently have a traditional headjoint and were thinking about adding wings, well, unfortunately that would not be an option.  However, just as with any headjoint at Powell, winged headjoints are handcut.  If you are interested in trying one, they are currently offered as an option for Powell Soloist and Philharmonic styles. 

Aurumite 14k headjoint with 14k rose gold wings

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