Friday, August 22, 2014

Signature Spotlight

Thinking about purchasing a Powell flute but afraid that it might not meet your budget?  We understand that "one size does not fit all" when it comes to flute prices -- and options!  Also, hand craftsmanship is not limited to Powell Custom models, either, because all of our flutes are handmade!  So, if you are looking for handmade flute with an economical price tag and the options to accommodate your preferences as a player, the Signature is an excellent choice.

The Powell Signature flute offers hand craftsmanship and the "Powell Sound" at an affordable cost.  The Signature's body and headjoint are both sterling silver, and the Signature headjoint was created specifically to accompany the Signature flute.  The headjoint makers here in the shop who cut the styles offered on our Custom and Conservatory flutes also cut Signature headjoints.  The Signature's drawn tone holes are formed using Powell's patented Zinki technology, and the pinned mechanism is completely built by hand.  Signature options include B foot or C foot, inline or offset G, C# trill, split-E (on offset G models), and a 14k riser.

In addition to the Signature flute, there is also a Signature piccolo!  The Signature piccolo has been described as a responsive, professional instrument with evenness throughout the scale and a consistent, sweet sound.  As one of two Powell piccolo models, Signature piccolos are crafted by the same flute makers who build the Custom piccolos.  The Signature piccolo body is made from grenadilla wood, and the mechanism is sterling silver.  Signature piccolos also have the option of a split-E and the choice of a Classic or Wave style headjoint.

For more information on Signature flutes and piccolos, click here to visit the Signature flute page on the Powell website and here for the Signature piccolo page.

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