Friday, May 16, 2014

Adding a Gizmo

Close up on gizmo (on a 14K Aurumite Custom)
In a recent post on our Facebook page, we asked if there are any options people did not have on their current flutes that they would like to have had.  One response was from a flutist who said she had a Powell without a gizmo key, and she wanted to add one.  We thought, "Hmm, is it possible to add a gizmo key?" We've had inquiries about a C# trill, but never the gizmo, so we decided to find out if this would be possible.

We visited Powell's Repair Technician, Rachel Baker, and found out that the answer is yes -- you can add a gizmo key!  In fact, it's quite a simple modification (as you will see in the photos below).  If you have a B-foot flute, a gizmo key can be soldered onto the arm of the b key.  That's all there is to it!  This will allow the new gizmo to function just as it would if it were on the flute originally.

Just a refresher on the function of the gizmo -- it helps the high C speak  more easily by allowing the B cup to close without closing the C and C# cups.  Powell currently has two different shapes for its gizmo keys -- a straight one for the Signature and Conservatory models, and a curved one for the Custom models.  If you were to add a gizmo, the curved style is the one that would be added.  This addition is also quite affordable, as Rachel quoted about $150 to have the key added.  For further information, click here to read our previous post on the gizmo.  If you're ready to have it added, you can schedule the service by clicking here to access our online repair request form.

Red oval around gizmo key, red lines outline B key arm (where gizmo would be soldered).
Close up on gizmo key -- only this would be soldered.

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